About Us

Our Mission
To empower organizations providing career and employment services to weave the science of measurement into the art of effective program design and delivery; in so doing, to help strengthen service efficiency and effectiveness, while building the capacity of clients and learners to connect with their best work opportunities.

Our Vision
With a network of dynamic leadership teams and partners, we ensure that worldwide:

  • The Employment Readiness Model™ and its tool, the Employment Readiness Scale™ (ERS), are recognized as the global “gold standard” for employment readiness measurement.
  • Use of the ERS in everyday client services serves as “living research,” enhancing the quality of client service while generating data that identify best practices.
  • The employment readiness data we share - analyzed on a national, regional and/or local basis - invites dialogue with and among service providers, client service advocates, and a full range of labour market partners to enhance service delivery and influence policy, and to enable all partners to gain the best possible return on their investments in workforce development.

What We Do

  • In collaboration with ERS licensees, strengthen the capacity of their staff teams to provide career and employment services specifically targeted to client needs and to evaluate their impact in building employment readiness.
  • Stimulate dialogue and ideas for service enhancement by sharing national and regional ERS data through articles and conference presentations.
  • Design and facilitate professional development events related to employment readiness, with a particular emphasis on developing the soft skills that are critical to success.
  • Advocate for the career development profession in national and international forums.

Where We Are Headed – Key Initiatives

  • With partners, facilitating system-wide adoptions of the ERS across organizations, groups of organizations, and regions.
  • Embedding the ERS as a key component of accountability frameworks to inform policy.
  • Developing additional country versions and new languages.
  • Having the Employment Readiness Model™ recognized as a standard in academic arenas, where it is regularly taught as a part of assessment course curricula.

Our Values

  • Honesty / Integrity / Professionalism:  Delivering outstanding, accountable professional service.
  • Respect:  Honoring and upholding the dignity of all individuals, groups and cultures.
  • Building capacity and facilitating growth:  Empowering others – especially career and employment service providers and the clients and learners they serve - to achieve their goals in a manner that expands their future capacity to help themselves.
  • Ongoing Learning:  Participating actively in professional development events in the career development field each year.
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement:  Making ongoing enhancements to our Employment Readiness Scale™ (ERS) websites and the business that supports it; continuing to expand our reach, e.g., to new organizations and service contexts, new languages and countries.
  • Contribution to and advocacy for the career development profession:  Sharing our learnings through conference presentations and articles, and participating actively in working groups that advance the field.