What Is the ERS?

The Employment Readiness Scale™ (ERS) is an online assessment tool that helps clients identify their strengths and challenges in becoming employment ready, measures their changes over time, and provides organizations with roll-up reports across clients for use in program planning and evaluation. So the ERS offers a unique combination of benefits to individuals, agencies providing career and employment services, and sponsors who fund the provision of such services.

The ERS is designed to provide a quick, comprehensive initial employment readiness assessment in 20 minutes, with a detailed feedback report and an action planning tool. As well, individuals can retake the ERS five more times in order to measure the progress they are making (an upgrade to eleven more times is available). Roll-up reports across clients help organizations identify the programs clients need, demonstrate client improvement, and assess the effectiveness of specific interventions. This roll-up capability can provide excellent objective input for program planning and accountability reporting.

The ERS is presently available in English, French, and Spanish.